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“We shape our tools, and thereafter, our tools shape us.”

-marshall mcluhan via john culkin, possibly apocryphal, certainly implied

Let’s start at the beginning.

The heart of it is that I’m storyteller who uses digital technology as a tool for positive public impact. 

I studied journalism at Boston University, making the City of Boston my home. As a public radio producer at WBUR’s Here & Now, I produced the national daily news magazine, including my own sound-rich field reporting (and where I was honored to receive a 2004 James Beard Award). I went on to cover local news, politics and education for local news, and served as a food critic for several outlets including the Boston Phoenix.

Journalism provided me with the means to get to the heart of a story; connecting with the community on a range of complex issues, experience in the media and PR landscape, and understanding of multiple sectors that impact city life. And, I’m committed to the art of good writing, which touches every communication channel a digital strategist uses.

From the newsroom to the roller rink

I grew eager to make a different kind of impact. Following my time as co-founder and PR director for Boston’s first roller derby league, I began organizing events in Boston’s creative community, including roller skating parties at a local rink. To amplify, convene, and inspire, digital engagement became the number one tool in my kit. I began to dream about social media as a tool for even broader community engagement – inside public spaces like City Hall.

Creating a digital city

As Mayor Menino’s first campaign digital strategist, I helped the Mayor and his team strategize how to make politics more accessible. 

As Boston’s first digital engagement director, I worked everyday to forge two-way conversations that reimagined the relationship between people and their local government across agencies: strengthening constituent relationships, and building more resilient communities during crisis.

That’s where we launched the city’s first social media policy and trainings, partnered with the Mayor’s office and service team, introduced new visual, creative content strategies and social analytics. I had the honor of serving the city during several historic events, from hurricanes and blizzards, and the Boston marathon response and recovery.

You can read more about this work in Social Media for Government: Theory and Practice, in which I chronicled Boston City Hall’s digital engagement story.

Digital strategies, human impact

I never lose sight of the people at the heart of my digital work, and know that technology and creative strategies are at their best when we stay human.

I also know that the best stories will never see the light of day without precise digital technology strategy and execution.

That’s where I bring it together.

In recent years, I’ve partnered with nonprofits, public agencies, brands and private sector clients dedicated to causes such as education and literacy, workforce development, politics and social justice, and opportunity creation… using digital strategy to advance their missions.

But who are you really?

And, the fun stuff…

It’s probably not a surprise that I’m fascinated by people and the world around us, and I have a pretty limitless sense of curiosity. These are a few of my favorite things:

  • biking
  • beekeeping
  • cooking & food culture exploration
  • reading
  • film & visual art
  • writing and playing music
  • hunting for odd antiques
  • tending my houseplant jungle
  • hiking with my hound dog

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