The Facebook Political Ad Policy Is for More Than Elections

Whether you’re running for office or not, if you’re using Facebook Pages to connect with your audience, you’ll want to take note of the 2018 Facebook Political Ad Policy. The [...]


On Moogfest, creativity and making things without fear

I just got back from my third Moogfest, the North Carolina-based festival that celebrates synthesizer engineer Dr. Robert Moog, and the future of creativity and technology. Each year, I use it as [...]


An Open Letter – Political Roots & Costa Farms

“To garden is to believe in hope.” My mother-in-law remarked that to me recently, and the words stuck with me. As an avid home gardener, I surround myself with vines, sprouts and [...]


Our first year

Hey, thanks for the reminder, LinkedIn – we’ve been around for a year, providing digital strategy in Boston to inspire and unite! What's next?


What You Can Do About Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook news feed changes are giving social media managers a jolt, with worries the update may impact our ability to connect with audiences. Here's what to do.